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My Online Career Space

Professional Websites

MyOnlineCareerSpace presents you with the opportunity to create your own professional Job Search Website. Feel free to use one of our many templates, or create your own. While constructing your site, we recommend you follow some simple rules and tips.

  • No fancy colors.

    Try to create a subtle atmosphere. While primary colors may be bold and "capture" the attention of the viewer, you don't want to overwhelm the senses. Your goal is to ensure that your content is the most important component of your site. You can demonstrate your creativity when you land a job.

  • No fancy fonts.

    Use fonts that are generally recognized. Fancy fonts may not display properly on some computers, and your site will be overlooked. Arial and Times New Roman are common fonts. Avoid excessive use of BOLD and ITALIC fonts. Only when you want to emphasize an important piece of information should you consider BOLD and ITALIC type font treatment.

  • Avoid "personal" information.

    Identifying that you graduated Summa Cum Laude is the kind of personal information you want to share. That you like to party on weekends and engage in illegal street racing with your buddies isn't something you want a potential employer to know about you. Exercise discretion when posting personal information about yourself. If in doubt, ask yourself an important question: Would this be something I'd want my mom to read?

  • References and Testimonials.

    Here are some guidelines:

    • Choose the endorser carefully.

      The rule of thumb is to choose a professional who will convince the hiring manager of your value.

    • Potential resources.

      If research doesn't help, consider holding discussions with professors, team members, supervisors, clients, or vendors. Exciting information could surface during these brainstorming sessions.

    • Seek permission.

      Think of the endorser as a job reference. Asking for permission is not only courteous, it rewards the opportunity to reconnect and network.

    • Know what to use.

      Research job postings in your field of interest or talk to potential employers. The key is to determine the needs of the position or employer and use remarks that strategically address those requirements.

  • Include your Bio.

    Similar to your Resume, a bio goes into greater detail. While preparing your bio, be certain that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Additionally, all information you provide must be easily verifiable, as there exist resources to check out any information you may provide. The purpose of a professional bio is to provide a snapshot of your skills and expertise so that an employer might give you greater consideration for an employment opportunity.

    It should include:

    • Your credentials, achievements, personal and professional affiliations and memberships.

    • Your authorship of books, articles, white papers. Be sure to include references to the content so a prospective employer can do their own research. You might consider including a link to the information.

    • List awards and recognitions you have received.

    • List any media appearances and any quotes attributed to you in radio and magazines.

    Don't include in your Bio:

    • Your personal family history.

    • Personal triumphs or tragedies (unless they are related to your area of expertise).

    • Your birth date, birthplace, or other personally identifiable information unless you chose to do so. You have a choice, don't feel forced to add it.

    • Your residence address. A.P.O. Box is ok.

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