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My Online Career Space

Posting Jobs on MyOnlineCareerSpace

It used to work like this: an employer would go to the local paper, place an ad, wait for responses and then make a hire. The responses would either be from resumes that were mailed in, or, if someone had the gumption, they would drop the resume off in person. Tried and true, this formula worked for years.

Now, in the modern age, things have changed. In order to post an ad and get qualified candidates the process and steps are much more difficult — especially when you consider that you are going to have to fight for those qualified candidates with several hundred or thousand other employers and recruiters. This competition has lead many job seekers to view all companies and recruiters as 'being the same' and created a flood of resume services bent on overwhelming any job post with multitudes of resumes; qualified or not, employers and recruiters know that you are going to get tons of resumes for any one job post.

In order to protect yourself from the glut of inevitable resumes and the expense of time and money it takes to find a qualified candidate in this day and age, there are steps you should take in order to improve the efficiency of your job posting. By taking these steps before you post a job, you will help to ensure a smoother hiring process with less of a demand on your resources while getting better and more qualified candidates.

  1. Distinguish yourself from the competition.

    What is it that makes your company different and unique from the competition? By answering this question you will help to identify the type of candidate that you want to hire. Is your company a niche service or product? If so, say so! Let the world know. By doing so you help to raise awareness of your company and increase its credibility, thereby generating greater interest and better quality candidates.

  2. Define your ideal candidate.

    What attributes or qualities are you looking for in your ideal candidate? How would you be able to distinguish your ideal candidate from the rest of the herd? Be clear about these attributes so that you do not get swayed as inappropriate candidates present themselves and attempt to sell you. It can be tough to say 'no' to good candidates, especially if they are good salespeople. If you know what you want in a candidate you will have a better chance of finding the ideal person.

  3. Understand that your post is not for everyone.

    It is OK to reject candidates who are not a good fit; it makes good sense to save time on money (both for you and the job seeker) to do this earlier rather than later in the hiring process. Make a clear definition of the job and use clear words when describing the job in job posts. Holding back information (like job salary) may be appropriate, however it will also lead to more applicants, so weigh the pros and cons before placing the ad.

  4. Use specialty sites and recruiters.

    Here is a good rule: the more specific the position the more specialized the site and recruiter you should use. For example, if you have an engineering position, do not post it on a site specializing in salesmen.

It takes time to craft an effective and efficient hiring process, fortunately, MyOnlineCareerSpace takes much of this work out of the process. This site allows you create an online profile that has more information about your company. This allows you to distinguish your company from the herd. Once you have the ad post up, you can use the search feature to find your ideal candidate and invite them to 'connect' to your profile; thereby placing them into your database.

After contacting the potential candidates, you may find that they are not a good fit for your particular job post — that is OK. You can keep them in your database for future reference, it may be that they will fit a future post.

MyOnlineCareerSpace is a one-stop shop for both job seekers, employers and recruiters and has the most modern tools to help connect job seekers to employers and their ideal careers.

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