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Managing Employees

Following are tips and techniques for maintaining a happy and productive workforce:

Tip 1 - Offer a Dynamic Workplace

One of the primary reasons that great people change jobs is to gain new learning, and step up their intellectual property. In order to reduce the amount of turnover, or to increase the chances of landing your ideal candidate here are some tips to follow:

  • Attend more conferences

  • Read daily newsletters

  • Be aware of your team's goals, responsibilities while keeping an eye on their motivation

  • Allow individual employees to tap into new opportunities if they are hitting roadblocks

  • Move bored employees to other projects to reenergize them and also elicit fresh ideas

Tip 2 - Check Your Ego

It is expected that successful people are confident, but egos have a harder time flying these days. Humility is a rare trait, yet one that is sorely needed in the workplace. Employers need to empower their players by giving them space, encouraging pushback, and allowing change. Employees on the road to senior management need to lose their ego and treat other respectfully.

Tip 3 - Be Highly Adaptive

Everyone says that it is important for employees to be able to conform quickly — from online marketing, to email to financial crises — individuals must be able to change with the flow of information. Managers have to embrace pattern recognition so they can see far down the road and help their teams change course appropriately.

Tip 4 - Be a Talent Manager

Hiring and retaining talent continues to be a huge challenge. Therefore, CEOs are looking for leaders who can effectively add staff and keep them happy. One firm preaches that "great people are drawn to other great people". If you have a mogul who is highly regarded in the industry, top talent will want to follow for an opportunity to work with him or her. Most companies are built from the top down, with the department heads the first to be hired, setting the tone, and, hopefully, bringing in top talent.

Tip 5 - Take Advantage of Employee Referrals

Historically, between 70% and 80% of new hires are based on a personal connection or a networking referral. This recommended proactive networking strategy puts prospective candidates in touch with those of you who have a higher degree of qualification, and as an added bonus, there is a strong endorsement of the candidate; one in which the endorser, now with greater stake in the company relationship, will have to work harder to ensure success. Further, you avoid having to spend time and money outside the company and avoid the mass resume submissions and voluminous applications for each available opening.

In summary, the term "work force" is used frequently. However, employees in an office environment are often not united in a common effort. When focused and motivated, employees really can be a force. With the above tips you will have a better chance to generate consensus in the office and have capable people to get the job done.

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