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My Online Career Space

Using MyOnlineCareerSpace Resumes

As an employer or recruiter, you have probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes. Some good. Some awful. The bottom line is that they are the most commonly used tool in the job seeker's arsenal for getting their names in front of you.

No matter how the resumes get to you, whether by snail mail of from MyOnlineCareerSpace, the bottom line is for you to find a qualified candidate to fill your position. Many of today's job seekers have learned some techniques to bypass established resume traps like 'key words' and ASCII probing, while some are still putting crayon to napkin and sending out whatever is on their mind at that time. To be a savvy and efficient employer or recruiter, here are a few tips that will help you to sort the good job candidate resumes from the rest.

  1. The best resumes are specific.

    These are the resumes that should jump to the top of your stack because they scream out "I'm the one for you!!!" Specificity works in resumes, and it works in filling your job; if you have written a clear and defined job post your candidates will most likely return in kind the type of information you want.

  2. Reduce number of resumes received.

    Many job seekers send their resumes out hundreds of times before finding their ideal job. Many services are offered now which promise to spread a candidates resume out to all the major websites for each position that fits the job seeker's preferences. This means that for each job you post, you are likely to get many that are not particular for your position. Be wary of subscribing to these services as they often end up costing more time and money than it is worth.

  3. Requie more information.

    As noted above, many job seekers have figured out ways around the 'key word' and ASCII trap. When posting a job it is often wise to require more information than just a resume so that you can weed out those who did not follow instructions or are just blasting their resume around the internet.

  4. Formatting counts.

    By just looks alone you can tell if a resume is a good one or if it is not. By looking at the formatting for a resume you will be able to tell right away whether it has a purpose behind it- Does it have a clear message? Does it answer what is in it for the recruiter/employer? Does it have a positioning statement that clearly articulates what makes this candidate different from everyone else? Formatting plays a key role in this as job seekers [should] know that they have only a few seconds in which to attract your attention.

With the proliferation of job posting websites, resume dispersal services and the internet job candidate resumes are getting tougher and tougher to sort; which ones are good? Which one(s) should I bring in for an interview? Good employers and recruiters know that learning more about a candidate before calling them in for an interview is good business sense, as job candidate resumes are becoming more and more difficult to sort between.

At MyOnlineCareerSpace job seekers and recruiter/employers have the opportunity to put information about themselves that extends beyond the typical resume and/or job post. By putting this information in a centralized place you will be able to look at job candidate resumes, their bios, testimonials and more in one centralized place. This enables both sides of the process to learn more about each other and eliminates many of the problems associated with the traditional process established by the major job posting websites.

Further, MyOnlineCareerSpace allows the recruiter/employer to use the website to post jobs and use it as a database for interested parties- at the same time! So there is no need for time consuming additional processes which add to the cost and time associated with finding ideal candidates. Go ahead, check it out for yourself.

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