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My Online Career Space

Hiring Solutions

When looking for you hiring solution, there are a few key ways to optimize your search and several places in which to place your job posting. Here, we will explore the different ways to optimize your job posting and then we will look at where you can place that ad.

Traditional hiring solutions can alternate between excessively complicated and exceptionally easy, with the typical train of thought being that the easier the better; in that it saves time and money --- a precious commodity for any business. By taking the time to review the ways to optimize your job posting and looking at the best places to place your ad, you will have a better chance of hiring solution success.

First, in looking at most job postings, it is apparent that the employer or recruiter is unclear about the type of candidate they would prefer to hire. Typically, these posting are generic and attempt to catch a "wide net" so that they can generate a return for their post. Generally this attempt is successful in that it creates a flood of interested job seekers and resumes. Make no mistakes about it, this is one of the most costly and time consuming parts of any hiring process!

With a "wide net" strategy, the employer or recruiter has hundreds, if not thousands of interested applicants to sort through because you never know when a good candidate gets mixed up into the bad candidates.

A better approach to your job posting holds to these tenets:

  • The job posting is specific.

    Rather than a large net it attempts to idealize the perfect candidate into words thereby attracting only quality candidates.

  • The job posting has all the requirements and descriptions in the job posting.

    Putting more information as opposed to too little content will help to advise prospective candidates that this position may not fit their qualifications. Most job seekers would rather apply for a position if it is 'close' to their qualifications and let the employer or recruiter sort it out than not apply and miss an opportunity.

  • The job posting makes specific requirements and attachments necessary for consideration.

    Here, if an applicant does not provide the required materials, then they are automatically disqualified. For example, if you are an architect firm and you require a portfolio but the applicant does not provide one, then you can immediately disqualify that candidate. After all, who wants a candidate who does not follow directions?

Now that we have explored what differentiates quality job postings from bad postings, the question becomes "Where should I put this ad?" We will explore different options and the pros and cons of each one.

  1. Classified ads

    This typically looks like calling up a local or national publication and placing a blurb about your job posting and having applicants apply based on your posting requirements. By and large, this is an outdated mode of posting jobs as the cost/benefit has largely come to side on higher costs with less benefit. Placing ads in offline publications can be an expensive endeavor and often these placements are too abbreviated to allow for much detail. Hence, while you may get interested parties, these individuals may not be close to whom you want to hire.

  2. Networking

    Looking to peers, friends and family for your next hire can often be the least expensive and quickest way to find your hiring solution... except if that person does not turn out to perform as expected. Then the employer or recruiter is left in an awkward situation of having to let a friend, family member or a friend of a peer go. Also, many busy professionals do not have time to network in a traditional sense as they are busy building their own businesses. In short, it can work if you put in time, however there are more costs than show up on the balance sheet if things go wrong.

  3. Internet

    The most rapid and popular method for finding candidates today is via the web. Traditional/Longstanding companies have established an approach to how some recruiters and employers can find hiring solutions. Unfortunately the experience that many job seekers have on these sites has led them to look at other options for their job search. Typically, job seekers go to these sites, place their resume online and then either wait for job offers or apply to job postings. This model used to work before the system got overwhelmed by job seekers and found that every user was sending out their application to 10's if not 100's of companies; their resumes glutted the system! Further, job seekers found that these companies were selling their information to 'marketing partners' who would then solicit their information and business with illegitimate offers or sales pitches!

    The system will provide the recruiter/employer with many, many resumes from which to sort through. Indeed, there are software packages available to help parse through the multitude of applicants; some will be eliminated for lack of 'key words', others for less acute reasoning. In short, the system is similar to using an ax when a scalpel is needed.

    Fortunately, new companies have arisen that take advantage of new technologies while aiming to improve the way job seekers and employers/recruiters find one another so that ideal matches are more likely.

MyOnlineCareerSpace allows both job seekers and employers to post information about themselves, including the traditional resume and bio information, into a virtual format so that both sides have an opportunity to find out more about each other before applying and interviewing. This site also allows for job postings and can be used as a virtual database for recruiters and employers --- in this sense MyOnlineCareerSpace is a one-stop shop for both recruiter/employers and job seekers!

At MyOnlineCareerSpace job seekers and recruiter/employers have the opportunity to put information about themselves that extends beyond the typical resume and/or job post. By putting this information in a centralized place you will be able to look at job candidate resumes, their bios, testimonials and more in one centralized place. This enables both sides of the process to learn more about each other and eliminates many of the problems associated with the traditional process established by the major job posting websites.

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