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My Online Career Space

Using MyOnlineCareerSpace Business Pages

Brands today have a tough time differentiating themselves from their competition. Why? Because everyone markets their name and spends thousands or millions or billions of dollars, and man hours, to promote their brand. Sadly, it doesn't mean all brands are good brands. Often the best brands have to rely upon word of mouth to get their name to the consumer.

As an employer or recruiter, you face a similar dilemma as a new brand. How are you going to get your name out to your ideal candidate so that you can save time and money in the hiring process?

Here are some tips of how to use your Employer/Recruiter MyOnlineCareerSpace most effectively:

  1. Differentiate. Specialize.

    What makes your company, or the companies you represent, different from everyone else out there? Why should a candidate/job seeker pick your company over all the rest?

    Your MyOnlineCareerSpace is an excellent spot for you to tell candidates why they should select you. Further, this is an opportunity to save time in the application process by telling candidates that your company is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Do not have generic postings or information about your company in your MyOnlineCareerSpace. Rather, speak directly to your ideal candidate when creating your web pages so that those who are not qualified will not seek to connect with you.

  2. Use your Recruiter/Employer Dashboard like an extended database.

    The candidates that attempt to connect with you may not be ideal for the posting you presented, however that does not mean that they may not be appropriate for a job that you may have in the future. Save their MyOnlineCareerSpace in your connections tab and when looking to fill a future position you can immediately access your database on your employer/recruiter dashboard.

  3. Beef up your email signature, once done with the 6-step employer/recruiter registration.

    With technology playing an integral part of our lives today, you will be conducting a fair amount of your job search through electronic and online arenas. Use your email signature as another opportunity to present your MyOnlineCareerSpace.

    For example:

      Fred Davis
      XYZ Corporation
      Senior Human Resources
      Seeking Qualified Candidates to Fill Biology-based Sales and Marketing Positions

  4. Seek appropriate endorsements/testimonials.

    If you do chose to put some endorsements and/or testimonials on your MyOnlineCareerSpace profile, be sure to pick individuals who represent the ideals and purpose of your company. Have the testimonial speak to your ideal candidate so that the maxim "Great people attract other great people" will ring true.

  5. Be consistent.

    If you are on other social networks, have a consistent message. Link your MyOnlineCareerSpace on any site that you belong to so your brand message resonates wherever someone may see your message. Having your MyOnlineCareerSpace URL everywhere makes it easier for an applicant to apply for the job.

As an employer, your time and money is important; as much as for the company bottom line as for the future of your career. Using the above tips will help to keep you on top of an emerging online candidate database while helping to 'weed out' bad candidates.

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