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My Online Career Space

Using MyOnlineCareerSpace Pages

Face it: the world is increasingly online centered. There are tons of studies and statistics to back this up. Harsh as it may sound, it is true. As a job seeker, this has implications for you, as employers and recruiters are increasingly using the internet to find candidates for their job positions.

With that in mind, MyOnlineCareerSpace was created to help control the perception that employers and recruiters are going to have of you.

There are three ways to use your online career space for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Use it on MyOnlineCareerSpace

    Connect with recruiters and employers who use MyOnlineCareerSpace site to search for ideal candidates for their job postings. With thousands of recruiters and employers searching the site and posting, there are tons of opportunities to find a quality career on this site. Use the search function to narrow down the list of potential employers and recruiters with whom you are going to connect and make sure they are a good fit for your wants and needs. Then, simply shortlist yourself to be added to their database or apply directly using the connections tab.

  2. Use your online career space in conjunction with your existing online job search.

    There are tons of job posting boards on the internet. When sending in your resume, make sure that either on your resume or in your cover letter (preferably on both) you give the employer or recruiter your personalized online career space website URL so they can click directly to view more about you. Remember the maxim, "Employers look at resumes and search for bios"- use the resume and cover letter to get them interested in you, and use your online career space to sell them on you.

  3. Use your online career space when you network.

    Pass your MyOnlineCareerSpace URL to friends, family and centers of influence. With friends, centers of influence and family you have a network on individuals whom you can ask to help you find your ideal career. When these supporters find an opportunity that may fit for you, your MyOnlineCareerSpace gives the potential employer or recruiter an opportunity to find out more about you without having to contact you- if needed, this is something they can do in the comfort of their own home!

    In addition, put your new MyOnlineCareerSpace URL on your other websites — like LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace — so that anywhere an employer or recruiter seeks you, they will find a consistent message.

Find Your Dream Job!

With available career coaching, ebooks, advice, and a personal online career space. The next step of your career is just click away.